(September 29, 2020, Baton Rouge, LA) – With the widespread adoption of work-from-home spurred by the pandemic, businesses and employees are shifting to a more flexible way of working. Companies are downsizing large offices and expanding remote work policies. Employees are enjoying more time with family and less time commuting.

But even with the perks of more flexibility, working from home 100% of the time has proved challenging as many employees feel less productive with at-home distractions, or they miss the in-person collaboration and social interaction of an office environment.

HQ @Highland, a new high-tech co-working space in the heart of Baton Rouge, offers these employees a flexible and Covid-safe working environment with all the amenities of a world-class headquarters.

‘What we’ve seen with our own clients and employees is that even if you have a great work-from-home setup, there are still times when you need to meet with clients, collaborate on a project in person, or just focus without being distracted by your kids or your roommate or your dog,’ says Mohit Vij, the developer behind @Highland. ‘Those are times you need an office setting. HQ offers that professional environment without the hassle or cost of a long-term lease’.

Located in the @Highland campus at the corner of Bluebonnet and Highland, HQ provides a collaborative environment with state of the art meeting rooms - ready for in-person or blended meetings - and flexible office space options that range from a single day to a monthly membership. With General Informatics in the building, members have access to on-site Tech-support when needed.

To ensure safety of staff and visitors, the entire HQ space was designed with COVID-safe practices, including automatic thermal temperature screening, properly distanced workspaces with plexi-glass guards, and enhanced cleaning & disinfection. The space also provides masks, hand sanitizer and wipes for all visitors and members.

To learn more about HQ @Highland office and meeting spaces, visit hq.athighland.com

About @Highland
@Highland, developed as a center of excellence, is home to leaders in business and innovation. Located at the intersection of Highland and Bluebonnet, @Highland brings the next generation digital experience and lifestyle to Baton Rouge, combining leading-edge technology with a serene Louisiana backdrop. The campus has secure, restricted access with onsite parking and all amenities of modern business park such as high speed internet/voice, LED lighting, and rich boardwalks.

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